When you purchase a child care center, you will need a business liability policy. This important policy provides coverage in the event of personal injury on the daycare premises as well as property damage for which you have liability.  This type of coverage pays claims in the event a child suffers an injury on your premises. It also covers damage to the facility or personal property in the daycare as well as on the surrounding grounds.

In addition to the business liability insurance, the Kids Depot Realty, Inc. experts will help you with a variety of insurance policies to consider when purchasing a childcare center including commercial liability, workers compensation, health, life, etc. We have the experience and the business relationships to help you find the right insurance at the best price for your center needs.  Several large insurance companies package these coverages in one policy.

The Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will provide services to compare costs and coverages to determine which proves the best option for you. We can recommend insurance professionals experienced in all of the above.

If you have questions about Insurance or any of our other services, let’s schedule a confidential meeting to learn how our team can help you get answers.