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KDR_Slider__two-girls_750pxAt Kids Depot Realty, Inc. we help buyers who are passionate about education and the opportunities for business ownership that will  positively impact the life of a child. If you are looking for a childcare, daycare center or preschool center to buy, put our experienced team to work.  It doesn’t cost anything to make the call,  (561) 575-9700!

The process for buying a daycare center is built on knowing what questions to ask, what facts are needed, and the most accurate approach that will lead to the “best fit” for the client’s personal goals.  At the Kids Depot Realty, Inc. we believe in honesty, confidentiality and respect for the goals and success of every client. Our team will guide and manage each step of the process from identifying potential centers through closing of the transaction.

The Process


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Confidentiality & Pre-Qualification
Since the confidentiality of business transactions is so important and we utilize a straightforward pre-qualifying process. We have found this simple process opens the doors to more opportunities and lets sellers see you are serious.  We also assist buyers in getting your Health and Occupational Licenses. If needed will attempt to get a SBA Loan for as little as 10 to 15 percent down. Our business and financing experience will allow your purchase to be as painless as possible as we expedite the sale to a successful closing.

Locating The “Best Fit”
Our team has access to comprehensive Center Evaluations and Center Profiles from sellers with child care facilities and properties for sale throughout Florida.  Together we will look at this information to determine which properties are the best fit.

If needed, our team will also help present the buyer to carefully selected lenders for financing. Over the years we have worked with SBA qualified lenders that want to win your business. Competition among these lenders allows our buyer the best pricing and financial structure for the purchase.

The Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will advise and assist the buyer in various negotiations, including making an offer through the final purchase.

We will help you secure the appropriate licensing that is required to operate the business under your care in the locality where the center resides. Our extensive knowledge in the various Florida licensing requirements is a plus when navigating through this often confusing landscape of information.

Our team will communicate with the buyer at closing to ensure that all expectations are voiced and goals are met with both buyer and seller.

Transition After Closing
As with most business transactions, there are many things that need to be handled after closing. The Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will continue to oversee the process as the buyer transitions into ownership of the childcare center, preschool or daycare.

Other Services
Our team can guide and advise you in all aspects of buying a childcare center, daycare or preschool in Florida. Our years in this industry have allowed us to develop great relationships with professionals who provide services that are needed in the process of of buying businesses, with or without real estate attached. We will protect the buyers’ interest at every point of the process.

If you are interested in buying a childcare or daycare center, or are considering the investment, we invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation confidential call or meeting to learn how we can help you reach your goals.  You can also download our Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement in PDF format.  Call today, (561) 575-9700, or contact us online.