Wondering How to Sell a Daycare Center?
We Will Guide You Through the Process


At Kids Depot Realty, Inc., helping you with the sale of your Florida childcare center or preschool is our priority. We start with clear and honest communication and strive to be an advocate for your best interests.  Above all, we will assist you in the sale of your daycare center in a professional and highly confidential manner.

The Process

Preschool or Daycare Center Pre-Sale Evaluation
Whether you are in the early stages of deciding to sell, or you have made the decision to sell your preschool, we start with a Daycare Center Evaluation. This evaluation helps identify fair market value of the property and provides insight into how lenders will assess the property for prospective buyers. This evaluation gives the seller confidence in his or her asking price.


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Daycare Center Profile
Our team will provide the seller with data collected during the Daycare Center Evaluation and create a Center Profile. The Center Profile is a guide for both the Seller and our team to identify facts and figures that will be needed prior to listing the childcare business for sale to buyers.

Business Listing
Our team will compile a comprehensive report, based on the findings from the Center Evaluation and Center Profile. This report will include all relevant information will be needed by an interested buyer. An agreement to list the business will be signed, and Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will begin marketing efforts with the pre-qualified buyers to find a buyer for your Florida preschool, daycare or childcare center.

The Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will help gather all of the information that will be needed by the buyer and ultimately the lender. This information properly assembled on our fact sheet enables us to market your business and real estate in a confidential and professional manner putting the right buyer and your business together, along with financing or other needs.

We have the experience that enables us to handle all negotiations with confidence and respect for all parties involved. We provide important information to the seller to help in any decisions that are unexpected or need to be made to finalize the sale. We work closely with the seller to assure that the proceeds from sale exceed the expectations.

It is imperative for us to make the transaction properly work for both buyer and seller. Once we have your school under contract, we’ll coordinate gathering pertinent information needed for the closing and ownership transition. Our business and training background allows us to take under consideration and recommend the most effective method in selling your business and any associated real estate and ensure a smooth business transition.

Other Services
Our team can guide and advise you in all aspects of selling a childcare center or preschool in Florida.  Our years in this industry, including as owners and operators of nine centers, have allowed us to develop great relationships with professionals who provide services that are needed in the selling process of businesses. We will protect the interest of our client in all aspects and at every step of the process.

If you are interested in selling your center, or are just thinking about it, we invite you to schedule a confidential, free initial consultation meeting to learn how we can help you reach your goals.  Call today, (561) 575-9700.  You can also download our Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement in PDF format.