With assistance from the team at Kids Depot Realty, Inc., you can be assured that financing options will be evaluated. We can help arrange financing through several lenders, who have expertise of the childcare industry. Our process for pre-qualifying our clients includes the step of marketing the client contract to lenders that are seeking qualified buyers.

Our team specializes in helping acquire SBA loans for many of our buyers.  The SBA loan program is an attractive option for the purchase of properties in the childcare industry.  The loans vary in nature and our team can help you determine which option is best for your specific center needs. The experts at Kids Depot Realty, Inc. offer the buyer the services of locating these lenders.

In addition to the SBA loan opportunities, our team works with lenders that offer conventional loan options as well.  We guide every client to the best financing option that will work within their investment plan and for long term financial goals.

If you are interested in our learning more about our Financing services, let us schedule a confidential meeting to learn how our expert real estate team can help you reach your goals.