Center Evaluation

KDR_Slider__Pen_Hand_Writing_Notebook_750pxOur exclusive evaluation process consists of a thorough on-site evaluation of your facility, analysis of your financial statements. The outcome of this evaluation allows us to determine an asking price that is fair and marketable.

The evaluation of a business is important whether you are ready to sell or in the preliminary stages of considering the purchase or sale of  a business.  In knowing the value of a center, from all aspects, the buyer and seller are able to gain the best in the transaction for both parties.

For Sellers, we understand how buyers will evaluate your center and how lenders will assess it.  We provide confidentiality during this evaluation process, allowing you to remain confident in the staff awareness as well as the families knowledge of intentions to sell the business. Our proven process will give you the assurance and support that is required to confidently ask for the price that is fair and marketable.

For Buyers, we provide center evaluations that will help you determine the price range and financing options needed to best fit your purchase objectives.  We will guide you and advise you through the process of pre-qualification before you start looking at centers for purchase.

The service of a Center Evaluation is vital for both the Seller and potential Buyers.

Our Recommendation

Whether you are in the early stages of deciding to sell, or you have made the decision, our team recommends that a Center Evaluation to be completed. The importance and usefulness of an evaluation can be seen in the determination of the fair market value of the property as well as insight into how lenders will assess the property. Once we have completed a thorough evaluation, the Kids Depot Realty, Inc. team will better understand how a buyer will assess your business as well as how to prepare the business in the best possible manner to be sold. Most importantly this evaluation gives the seller confidence in the asking price for the marketplace.

If you are interested in our services, schedule a confidential meeting to learn how our process and expert real estate team can help you reach your goals.