For many business owners the holiday season is also the end of the fiscal year, and that means closing out the books and a final profit & loss statement more information.  If your preschool business is ending the year with a loss, it’s time to think about making changes.

As a general rule, preschools and daycare centers are good businesses with predictable revenues and expenses, and good margins.  Parents who work usually need child care all year, which makes for consistent revenue projections.

That doesn’t mean child care centers are easy businesses to manage or operate profitably, though.  As the owners of nine Florida preschool, daycare and early learning centers, we know that running a successful business requires attention to detail and a business focus.

We often encounter owners who love caring for children and providing a warm, nurturing educational environment, but who lack the business acumen to operate profitably.  For owners looking at an unprofitable year, it may be time to sell your daycare business.

Selling your daycare business involves a number of items that are unique to the childcare industry. There are state license requirements, curriculum and teacher training considerations, health inspections and more.  If you are considering selling your daycare business, be sure to talk with a business broker who is experienced in buying, selling and brokering preschools.

At Kids Depot Realty, we not only help owners buy and sell daycare centers, we also own and operate nine successful centers, so we know what it takes. Give us a call today at (561) 575-9700 for a no-obligation initial consultation and put our expertise to work for you.