14 05, 2015

Is Owning a Daycare Center a Good Business for Military Veterans?

It may surprise you to learn that owning a daycare or childcare center is a great business for military veterans, either leaving the service or retiring after a 20+ year career.  The reason is simple — operating a successful preschool business is rooted in processes and procedures.

27 04, 2015

What is the Difference Between Owning a Franchise and an Independent Daycare Center?

Like many businesses and industries, childcare centers, preschools and early childhood education centers fall into two categories — franchises and independent owner businesses.  Both have advantages, and it’s important to understand the differences if you are considering buying a childcare center in Florida.

15 02, 2015

Quick Tip: Childcare Center Ownership

Here’s a quick tip and little known fact for owning a childcare center: you don’t need daycare or early childhood education experience to own a successful business.  While experience certainly helps with day-to-day operations, savvy investors and business owners know that you can hire experienced people to run the center.

What does matter is good business sense, and access to expert resources that can help, like the team at Kids Depot Realty and our network of childcare center professionals.  A daycare center is like any other business — you have an inventory that you sell (seats in classes) and overhead expenses.  The key to operating a successful childcare center is in viewing the center as a business, and setting key metrics and plans in place to reach goals.

Keeping retention rates high, and enrollment at capacity (ideally with a waiting list) are concepts that enable consistent results.  Yes, there are unique aspects of owning a childcare center (licensing, local codes, etc.), but with a good team of resources, you can own and operate a successful childcare center business.

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