Like many businesses and industries, childcare centers, preschools and early childhood education centers fall into two categories — franchises and independent owner businesses.  Both have advantages, and it’s important to understand the differences if you are considering buying a childcare center in Florida.

Franchises are often great opportunities — there is a parent company providing operational, marketing and sometimes even sales support.  The best franchises have a strong brand identity and regional or national advertising and exposure.  There is consistency from one center to the next, so parents, teachers and staff know what to expect.

This can be a great route for those new to owning and operating a business.  However, we find that many childcare center owners and business people prefer independent ownership.  There are several reasons that independent daycare center ownership may be better for your situation.  Independent centers have total autonomy — they can have their own look, brand identity, policies and procedures, curriculum, equipment and even building design.

Independent owners can choose the market they want to be in, and best of all, independents keep 100 percent of the revenue they generate — there are no franchise fees or monthly royalties going back to the parent organization and eating into profits.

At Kids Depot Realty, we have found a model we think works well, combining the benefits of franchise support, with the benefits of the owner’s own brand.  Our vast experience and access to a talented collection of resources gives business people new to the child care industry the guidance they need for success, without an ongoing financial drain on gross sales.  That doesn’t mean that franchises aren’t a good opportunity — it simply means that we have a model that works very well for childcare center buyers and sellers in Florida, where we know the state and local regulations and can be a great asset for businesspeople.

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